Does Your Home Have A Theme Song

Dated: 09/13/2014

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While perusing Facebook the other day, I came across a video that I personally found hilarious. Upon first watching it you are concerned about the safety of the individual in the truck. Once you know all are safe, the comic flare kicks in. The scene is replayed three times, each with a theme song from one of my childhood favorite shows. My wife thought it was perfect for me since it seems I have a tendency to re-watch these films or shows on a regular basis for my 6 year old to experience.

It made me think, what would your home's theme song be? When you're looking for a home, does it "sing" to you upon entering? Maybe that's something we'll add to our home buying checklist and search criteria.

For me, it's not the Fall Guy, Dukes of Hazard or Smokey and Bandit songs from the video. My home's theme song is a nice combination of upbeat tempo (to represent the sounds of young children and barking dogs), a sweet melody for the times it's just Meg and I and a little bit of ominous tone because like many we have a lot of work to do to our house. I may not have a name for my tune but it's the music to my ears.  

If your home isn't singing to you, give us a call and we will find one that does.

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